6 months on.....

January 17, 2017

6 months on.....

Thank you to all those interior designers and curtain makers who've supported us through our transitional phase. The mighty plunge into ecommerce really was like jumping off a cliff, albeit in true entrepreneurial spirit, and building the plane on the way down.

We had no clue what might happen, how many trade customers would desert us, whether we would survive the transition...

Happily more and more professionals are seeing the benefits of ordering online and have adopted the new system which has enabled us to move forward with some great ideas and products.

Our new range of Stained Wood has proved a best seller along with the ever popular Brushed Bronze collection which continues to outstrip all other ranges as a timeless classic that refuses to date.

The new ceramic crackle glaze, in its supremely matt finish, has proved a winner, so too has the 'of the moment' combination of Seal stained wood pole and Brushed Bronze Spun ball - a personal favourite of mine.

Weathered oak is the office favourite as it co-ordinates with everything and looks particularly sharp with solid stainless steel components.

Fitters will be pleased to note the addition of a classic architrave bracket but with an updated contemporary twist.  zzzz zzzz zzzz (euphemism for drilling 3 quick holes) and you're done.  We made sure the top of the bracket was level with the top of the pole to make your calculations easy too.

To finish up I wanted to let you know about the enlarged Components section of the site where you'll find all those specialist bits and pieces you need to put together your custom pole just exactly how you or your curtain maker prefer.

Next up will be

  • Flush ceiling fix tracked pole in both stained wood and wrapped finishes (lacquers will follow if there's demand)
  • Limited editions - look out for that gorgeous pair of one off glass finials at a great price...

Tell me what colours you'd like to see added to our wood stain range in the comments below - we'll trial them and post pics to see what you think.

All the Best


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Measuring Guide

What curtain pole length do I need?

Walcot House measuring guide for curtain poles

Measure the width of your window (cm)

Add a minimum of 15cm either side, preferably more, but for full curtains or wide windows allow at least 25cm if you have the room, excluding the length of the finials (decorative pole ends).

Choose a stock pole length. If you want it cut to a bespoke length, fill out the "cut pole to size" notes box, and we will do this at no extra charge. 
    Helpful tip: Ensure there is room for your finials beyond the ends of your pole.
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