Rivet alternatives!

01 February, 2016

Rivet alternatives!

Not only useful as a quick, no-sew curtain hanging solution, our unique pleating rivets can also be used as a thoughtful decorative touch...

Jazz up a plain blind with our 'rivet pull'

Revamp a stool!

DIY handbag

Customised notebook

Fancy drawing pins?

Re work a jumper

Mark your favourite page

Rivet heading on tracked curtain pole

These are just some of our many ideas! Call us on 01993 832 940 for more or to order.

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Measuring Guide

What curtain pole length do I need?

Walcot House measuring guide for curtain poles

Measure the width of your window (cm)

Add a minimum of 15cm either side, preferably more, but for full curtains or wide windows allow at least 25cm if you have the room, excluding finials (decorative pole ends).

Choose a stock length or cut to size yourself for non standard lengths (we promise it's really easy!)
    Helpful tip: Ensure there is room for your finials beyond the ends of your pole.
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