Guest Blog 'Wave & Ripple Curtains'

February 26, 2018

Guest Blog 'Wave & Ripple Curtains'



Last week I published my guide on how to get wave curtains in wave curtains – the essential guide to success,  and described how to create wave, or wave-style, curtains using dedicated tracking or specialist heading tapes.  Here are some further options, from British designers and makers Walcot House.

A popular alternative to the usual curtain rings and pole combination, their curtain poles with integral tracking are available with a ripple heading option, to create wave curtains like this.


Alternatively you can use a conventional pole, and make fixed folds at the top of the curtains using their pleating rings, for a similar effect.  Rivets at the base of the rings form the folds, and the rivet heads come in a variety of styles and colours.

Here’s a close-up to show you how the rivets and rings work.

This is a great no-sew option, but it needs a bit of experience to get the spacing and fabric quantities right – Walcot House say “We highly recommend you consult one of our specialist partners to help guide you with your requirements as it can get complicated!”

You may also find the following articles on wave heading by Morwenna helpful!

Wave curtains: the essential guide to success

Can I interline wave curtains?


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Measuring Guide

What curtain pole length do I need?

Walcot House measuring guide for curtain poles

Measure the width of your window (cm)

Add a minimum of 15cm either side, preferably more, but for full curtains or wide windows allow at least 25cm if you have the room, excluding the length of the finials (decorative pole ends).

Choose a stock pole length. If you want it cut to a bespoke length, fill out the "cut pole to size" notes box, and we will do this at no extra charge. 
    Helpful tip: Ensure there is room for your finials beyond the ends of your pole.
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