Matt lacquered lead blue curtain pole with abalone riva shell finial | Walcot House designer curtains poles 50mm collection

A selection of our most popular curtain poles, finials & brackets, sold together in as a complete pole set to give you everything you need to hang your curtains. Ranging from classic wooden curtain poles hand stained in oak, walnut, & chalky pastels, to our contemporary metal curtain poles which we are known for. Available in various lengths & diameters, we also supply made to measure curtain poles. We have a huge range of eyelet curtain poles for eyelet curtains, as well as tracked curtain poles, ideal for extra wide windows. Our curtain poles for ripple heading  (our version of Silent Gliss wave heading) are a designers favourite to hang wave headed curtains.


Specialist curtain pole accessories | Glass finials, Blue Finials, Green Finials, White Finials, Designer Finials

Want to build your own bespoke curtain pole set from our vast selection of curtain poles, finials, brackets and tie backs/hold backs? Shopping by component gives you the flexibility to build a specialised curtain pole to suit any window, no matter how complicated. Available as extra long curtain poles for wide windows, or ceiling fix curtain poles ideal for bifold doors. All of our poles can be a custom length so they are made to measure for your window. Build a double curtain pole set using our precision engineered double brackets.  Specialist knowledge may be required, so please don't hesitate to contact us or one of our recommended designers

Measuring Guide

What curtain pole length do I need?

Walcot House measuring guide for curtain poles

Measure the width of your window (cm)

Add a minimum of 15cm either side, preferably more, but for full curtains or wide windows allow at least 25cm if you have the room, excluding finials (decorative pole ends).

Choose a stock length or cut to size yourself for non standard lengths (we promise it's really easy!)
    Helpful tip: Ensure there is room for your finials beyond the ends of your pole.
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