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Measuring Guide For Motorised Poles

What curtain pole length do I need?
  1. Measure the width of your window (cm)
  2. Add a minimum of 25cm either side, preferably more, but for full curtains, single curtains or wide windows allow at least 45cm if you have the room, excluding the length of the finials. The wider your window is the more room your curtains will take up, so allow for plenty of overhang. The motor takes up 10cm of track length either end so you will need to allow for this too.
  3. Choose a stock track length. These tracks can’t be cut to size onsite so if you want it a bespoke length, fill out the "cut pole to size" notes box, and we will do this at no extra charge. Please note the pole length will be 6cm longer than the track length so you will need to take this into account when working out your measurements.
Helpful tip: Ensure there is room for your finials beyond the ends of your pole

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