My payment won't go through 
If your payment won't go through it may be for several reasons: 

  • because the post code or address your card is registered to doesn't match the billing address.  You could try another card. 
  • try a different browser (internet explorer is not a good one!) or device, clear your history or refresh your screen.   
  • If it's a large sum your bank may block the transaction until they've checked with you, particularly if you've not made an online payment to our store before 
  • Otherwise best to call us. 


How do I know if my order or payment has gone through?  
You will receive an order confirmation immediately at the email address you supplied on registration or placing your order as a guest. If you have not received your order confirmation please contact us  so that we can check this for you, as your email address may have been entered incorrectly or you may not have completed your transaction.  Be sure to also check your junk email folder! 





Do you have a showroom?  
We do not have a showroom, but see our 'Find a Designer'  section for details of showrooms, designers or curtain makers close to you who have our product sampling. Please note that not all of our recommended designers have showrooms, so it is advisable to call first to make an appointment.   

Alternatively, we do have a display of our full range in our studio, and we are happy for clients to visit by appointment. Please contact us at shop@walcothouse.com. 


Why do I need to order samples? 
The product images on our site are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that your computer's display will reflect the actual colour of the products. We strongly advise that if colour matching is important, you buy the samples offered for sale on our website.  

Although we have made every effort to be as accurate as possible, all sizes, weights, colours, capacities, dimensions and measurements indicated on our site have a 5% tolerance.  





How do I measure my window to select the correct length Curtain Pole Set? 
Please see our Measuring Guide. 


Do I need additional Wall brackets or fixings? 
You will have everything you need in the pole set you purchase, but if your curtains are mid to heavy weight (i.e. very long, lined, interlined or blackout curtains) and you are purchasing a 50mm diameter pole set, we recommend you purchase Architrave Upgrades here. 

If in doubt please contact us  to discuss requirements and we can steer you to the correct product online for your needs. 


What are Architrave Brackets? 
Architrave brackets  have elongated fixing plates TO LEND EXTRA SUPPORT TO THE POLE IF YOU ARE HANGING HEAVY CURTAINS.  Standard brackets have a round back plate.  


Do I need additional Curtain Rings? 
If you have selected rings in your pole set, we supply one for every 10cm of pole rounded up to an even number (i.e. a 150cm pole set will have 16 rings). If additional rings are required you can order these here  (under the ‘Components’ menu). 


How do I install my Curtain Pole Set? 
A step by step guide for how to fit your curtain pole will be supplied with your pole set. 


How do I cut my curtain pole to a specific length? 
Make sure your pole is secure, ideally using a clamp to hold it in place. 
For best results use a bench mounted saw for a smooth and straight cut. If you do not have access to one then you can use a hack saw for metal poles, or a hand saw for wooden poles. 

Metal poles only: After cutting, use a round edged file (OR EMERY PAPER) to smooth the rough edges. If you are worried about cutting down your pole yourself, then see our curtain pole fitters  list to find someone to help you. 


Do I need to hire a fitter? 
Your curtain pole is supplied with full instructions for fitting. However, if you would prefer to find someone to do this for you, you can employ a fitter.  
Please do not book a fitter until you have received and checked your order, as many fitters may charge if you have to cancel, or they cannot fit due to missing parts. We cannot be held liable for any charges this may incur. 


How do I care for my pole? 
We have put together a useful guide here  to keep your pole looking in tip top form. 


Do you do poles for bay windows? 
Not at the moment, but we are working on it. We will contact all registered customers once we have them available.  


What’s the longest single pole length in...

...wood (stained, lacquered or wrapped)? 
240cm is standard, lengths after this will be supplied in 2 pieces. However, you can request up to 300cm in one length but bear in mind there may be a certain amount of bowing.  
...metal (stainless steel, brushed bronze and black)? 
300cm for stainless steel and brushed bronze, but only by special request. The standard length single piece in our 30mm and 50mm pole sets is 240cm, or 180cm in our 19mm pole sets. If you do request the 3m length, please make sure you can get this in the lift / up the stairs / down the corridor and in the room!  Please note 180cm is the longest single length for our black pole. 
...50mm acrylic? 
300cm, but only by special request. The standard length single piece in our 50mm acrylic pole sets is 240cm. If you do request the 3m length, please make sure you can get this in the lift / up the stairs / down the corridor and in the room! 


Do you do extra long curtain poles for wide windows? 
Yes, see our component section, to order longer poles and separate components, or contact one our recommended designers  who can order exactly what you need for you. See below for more details. 

19mm black and stainless steel poles 
Use passing rings  and passing brackets  to make any length pole. Please note you will need a passing bracket to support every pole join, and allow enough brackets for every 150cm of pole. You will need to be able to drill and tap the pole for the passing brackets.  You may get a slight resistance as the rings pass any pole joins. Use silicone spray to help minimise this. 
19mm brushed bronze poles 
The longest span for a single curtain is currently 150cm, as we do not have passing brackets or rings for the 19mm brushed bronze pole as yet. 
30mm bronze and stainless steel poles 
Use passing rings  and passing brackets  to make any length pole.  You may also wish to use architrave upgrade arms  at the ends. Please note you will need a passing bracket to support every pole join, and allow enough brackets for every 220cm of stainless steel pole or every 180cm of brushed bronze pole. You will also need to be able to drill and tap the pole for the passing brackets. You may get a slight resistance as the rings pass any pole joins. Use silicone spray to help minimise this and ensure joins are smooth and well aligned. 
50mm metal poles with rings (stainless steel or brushed bronze) 
Use passing rings  and passing brackets  to make up to 6m of pole. Use a connector ring bracket in the centre to join two poles. Please allow enough brackets for one every 190cm of pole length. You will also need to be able to drill and tap the pole for the passing brackets.  
50mm wood or acrylic poles with rings (lacquered or stained) 
Use passing rings  and passing brackets  or connector brackets  (to join poles) to make any length pole. Please note you will need a connector bracket at every pole join, and allow one bracket for every 160cm of acrylic pole or every 190cm of wood pole. You may encounter slight resistance as the rings pass over the connector brackets and joins. Use silicone spray to help minimise this and make sure the joins are smooth and aligned. 
50mm wrapped and tracked poles 
Use overclip passing brackets  or tracked pole connector brackets  (to join poles) to make any length pole for a single curtain. Please note you will need a connector bracket at every pole join, and allow one bracket for every 200cm of pole. If you require a single curtain over a long length then it is imperative to have no joins in the track where the gliders may catch.  We can supply track in one length up to 5m so please let us know if you require this as a special option so you can insert the track in one length after assembling the pole.  Always use silicone spray to help with a smooth glide. 


Do you do corded poles? 
We no longer offer a cording service. We have found that the new cord safety legislation, combined with windows getting increasingly wider, has resulted in cording becoming impractical and troublesome for the user, with excessive friction, sagging cords, and difficulty using the cords due to the required use of tension pullies combined with very short lengths of cord. 

We recommend you try a beautifully simple to operate 'tracked only' pole (and use a draw rod  if the fabric is delicate), or find a company that offers a motorised system, such as Silent Gliss. 


How do I use your Pleating Rings and Hooks? 

How much fabric do I need? 
This varies depending on what look you want, but we recommend between 2 and 2.5 times fullness. 

How many Pleating rings or hooks will I need? 
We recommend one ring for every 10cm of pole. Round up to the nearest even number if you are making a pair of curtains. 
How do I use them? 
A curtain maker should attach pleating rings. Curtains can be lined and interlined, but take care to keep unnecessary layers at the top of the curtain to a minimum. We recommend you make a test pleat to ensure the rivet has enough capacity.

Pleats and spaces will need to be worked out in the same way as for French pleat heading. We suggest a single pleat looks and works best (or if the curtains are only lined and lighter weight, and the rivets have the capacity, then a double pleat can be used). 

The size of pleat can be to your liking and will depend on the look you want to achieve and the amount of fabric you have. We make ours between 12cm and 17cm. 

Set down the rivet prong so that the bottom edge of the ring nestles just in the top edge of the curtain. This will allow your curtain to butt up to the underside of the pole. We recommend you do a test pleat first to make sure you are happy with how the pleat looks on the pole you are using. 

When applying the rivets to your fabric, you will need to ease the rivet through the weave of the fabric one layer at a time (not forgetting the hole in the prong of the ring, which should be in the middle of the pleat). If you are using buckram or a very tight weave fabric, a bradawl may be used to help make the hole. The rivet then simply snaps closed by hand. 





Can I place an order by telephone? 
Sorry - all orders must be placed using the website. If you have any queries, please contact us at shop@walcothouse.com, or call us on 01993 832940. We will be happy to guide you through the process.. 


Can I save my basket? 
Your basket will be automatically saved for 5 minutes if abandoned. However, depending on your browser, your items may still be visible in your cart for a few days. 


Can I add to my order or change my order details after checkout? 
Changes can be made by logging in to your account and viewing your orders, where an 'amend order' button can be found. 


I am a trade customer - how do I order? 
Bona fide trade customers  can receive a trade discount on all products in the Walcot House shop. If you would like to become a trade customer, please apply here. 


I am a trade customer but my discount code is not working? 
Remember to log into your account  before checkout to ensure your code is validated correctly.  If using Amazon pay or paypal you must use the same email address as your Walcot online log in to successfully use your trade discount code. 





When will I receive my order? 
We hold items in stock and aim to despatch your order within 7 working days, with delivery Monday to Friday, 7.30am - 6pm.  Please allow longer during busy times such as the lead up to Christmas.  

We recommend that you do not book a fitter until your goods have been received and checked, as we cannot be held liable for any delays due to missing or damaged items.  

We do our utmost to show only those products which we have in stock. However, in the event that your item is out of stock when we receive your order, we will notify you immediately so that you can either choose to wait for your items, choose an alternative, or cancel your order. If you choose to wait for your order, full payment will be taken at point of order.  

All delivery times are approximate, and we will not be held liable for any compensation as a result of any unexpected delays.  

We will, from time to time offer ends of lines or discontinued items. These will always be marked clearly as limited stock.  


Will I be told when my order is on it's way? 
Yes. Once your order has left us you will be notified by email that your order is on its way and can no longer be changed, and also when you can expect this so that you don’t miss your delivery. 

In the event of items being undelivered, you will receive notification from the courier or ourselves. Should the items be returned to us there will be a re-delivery charge to resend them to you. 


Can I check my order status or track my order? 
Yes, you can check the status of your order by using the link on your order confirmation emailed to you or by logging into your account. 


Which countries do you ship to? 
UK and Ireland only via our online shop, but for other countries get in touch at  shop@walcothouse.com  for a shipping quote. Please see our Terms and Conditions  for more details.  


What are your delivery costs? 
Please see our Terms and Conditions  for Shipping & Handling fees. 


Who will deliver my order?  
The shipping information will be on your emailed shipping confirmation. You will be notified by email immediately your package is despatched.  


Can I change the due delivery date?  
Items are sent as soon as they are packed, and usually within 7 working days of receipt of order. We will send you an email confirmation at this point confirming the courier used and your parcel tracking number (if your parcel is being sent by UK Mail). If you would prefer to receive your goods much later, please order nearer the required time.   

Once the order has left our premises, you may still be able to change the delivery date by a few days by contacting the courier directly using the tracking number supplied.  


What happens if I am not in when the courier comes? 
We will send you an email confirmation once your order has left us, confirming the courier used. If your order is sent with UK Mail, you will also receive the tracking number and they will contact you to let you know when the goods will be delivered. You can rearrange delivery through the link in their text/email.  


If you are not in when the courier tries to deliver they will leave a card. You can follow the instructions on the card to rearrange delivery at a suitable time, however, if the couriers do not hear from you they will usually automatically try to re-deliver the next working day.  


Our couriers will deliver Monday – Friday between 7.30 AM and 6 PM.   


Our Couriers will try to deliver the parcel to you on 2 separate occasions, but if the parcel is then returned to us, we will need to pass on the additional charge for the parcel to be redelivered to you at a later date.  


What happens if my parcel arrives and is damaged?  
Our couriers are chosen as being reliable and professional, but occasionally damage may occur in transit.  

Please check your order carefully upon receipt. In the event that there has been any damage to the order in transit to you, you must advise us by 12 noon the day after delivery, so that we can instigate a claim with the courier.  

We will then arrange for the damaged parcel to be collected from you, and a replacement to be sent to you as quickly as possible.  


What happens if my parcel doesn't arrive? 
If you have been notified that your parcel has been despatched but you don't receive it within the advised time scales, please contact the courier with your tracking number. If you have any further problems, please email us at shop@walcothouse.com 

For further information, please see the 'Shipping and Handling' section in our Terms and Conditions. 




Can I cancel my order? 
Please see our Cancellation & Returns policy. 


Can I return my order? 
Please see our Cancellation & Returns policy. 





I have forgotten my Password to log in. 
Click on the ‘forgotten password’ link. You will then receive an email with a link to reset this. 


Can I change my account information? 
Yes,  you can change your account details by logging into your account. 


Can I request an invoice? 
Your order confirmation is also your vat invoice and details our vat number. If you need to print this out, there is a link to a PDF version on your Order Confirmation email. 

Measuring Guide

What curtain pole length do I need?

Walcot House measuring guide for curtain poles

Measure the width of your window (cm)

Add a minimum of 15cm either side, preferably more, but for full curtains or wide windows allow at least 25cm if you have the room, excluding finials (decorative pole ends).

Choose a stock length or cut to size yourself for non standard lengths (we promise it's really easy!)
    Helpful tip: Ensure there is room for your finials beyond the ends of your pole.
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